Jongkind and friends

including Monet, Sisley, Boudin, Daubigny a.o.

Johan Barthold Jongkind (1819-1891) was a key figure in nineteenth century European painting. He was a linking pin in the development of modern painting and quite rightly a true pioneer of Impressionism. Working from the Dutch, realistic tradition, Jongkind gave the initial push to Impressionism in France. He was born in the Netherlands, but most of his life he lived in France where he became friends with artists such as Monet, Sisley, Boudin, Daubigny and Pissarro. Dordrechts Museum dedicates an impressive exhibition to the work of Jongkind and several of his well-known artist friends.

Eye opener
Jongkind painted cityscapes and in particular coastal and river sceneries. His apt observations of nature and his direct, loose way of painting were an eye opener to the French artists. Camille Pissarro, for instance, was one of the first to mention Jongkind as a model: “Landscapes without Jongkind would have a completely different view.” Claude Monet said that Jongkind had told him how to look: “He took care of the education of my eyes” and Eduard Manet called him ‘the father of the modern landscape’. His work was dearly loved by the French audience.

Picturesque Dordrecht
Jongkind frequently returned to the Netherlands, where he painted the harbours of Rotterdam and Dordrecht and the Dutch polder landscape. Especially his clair de lune paintings, landscapes with moonlight, were very popular in France. Jongkind thought Dordrecht ‘the most beautiful city of the Netherlands’ and urged other French artists to visit the picturesque city.

The Dordrechts Museum presents paintings by Jongkind in combination with the works of befriended artists, including several key Impressionist artists. Themes of the exhibition are Jongkind’s early years in The Hague, his years at the Normandy coast and his time in Paris. Of course Jongkind’s paintings of his beloved Dordrecht and surroundings will be on display.

Moreover, a modest selection of watercolour paintings shows the virtuosity of his quick and to the point brushstrokes. Many of the works on display will be exhibited for the first time in the Netherlands. Several of the works come from private collections.

The exhibition Jongkind & friends runs from 29 October 2017 to 27 May 2018 in the Dordrechts Museum. This year, the Dordrechts Museum celebrates its 175th anniversary and as such is one of the oldest urban museums in the Netherlands. This exhibition is a part of the festivities.

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