The Most Contemporary Painting Show

Painting is a powerful medium. Using new means and motifs – and by connecting to other media – it expresses the present age. By reanimating old genres, painting is still able to relate to a critical art audience. The Most Contemporary Painting Show – now on display in the Dordrechts Museum – demonstrates that painting is still up-to-date and alive.

No less than 28 Dutch painters from various generations show a selection of their most recent works. They range from established names to relatively unknown artists. This results in a varied and interesting overview of contemporary Dutch painting. Several artists make murals at prominent places both inside and outside the museum.

The exhibition’s title refers to René Daniëls’ painting The Most Contemporary Picture Show (1983). A tribute to an artist who was important to the revival of painting and who knew to inspire the generations after him with his work. It is also a wink to put the show in perspective. This exhibition is not a ‘top 28 of Dutch painting’. It is a selection that shows the power of the diversity of contemporary painting. On display until 7 October 2018.


Sluit het Verborgen Museum